Festival of the Sea in Santa Marta

17 July, 2022

The Festival of the Sea in Santa Marta (Fiesta del Mar, in Spanish) is the biggest event in the city, held in the last days of July as part of the celebration of the founding of Santa Marta (July 29). In this article, we tell you the details, so you can be ready for the one that will be celebrated this 2022.

Activities in the Festival of the Sea

The Festival of the Sea is made up of cultural festivals and activities that take place in different parts of the city, perhaps that is the reason why the festival is better known by the locals as “Fiestas del Mar”, Festivals of the Sea, in plural. This year, the Fiestas del Mar". Para este 2022 la Festival of the Sea will feature these events and activities: Summer and Music by the Sea Festival, Festival of local cuisine, Festival of Juglares Vallenatos (Traditional music bands), Festival of Children and the Sea, among which there will be concerts, gastronomic shows and other cultural activities.

As in previous versions of the festival, in 2022, there will be nautical sports such as beach soccer, beach volleyball, wrestling, boxing, kayaking and recreational activities such as sea bicycles. The sports will start on July 29.

As you can see, there are many reasons to participate in the Festival of the Sea this year. Below we share the entire agenda so that you can schedule yourself easily.

Dates of the Festival of the Sea

The Festival of the Sea will take place from July 28 to 31, starting with the serenade to Santa Marta, and ending with the closing of the Summer and Music by the Sea Festival. However, some previous events are included in the schedule, such as the Militar Parade of the Independence of Colombia, the Traditional Festival of Gaira and the Artisanal Fishing Festival.

Official schedule of the 2022 Version of the Festival of the Sea

July 20

2:00 pm - Military Parade (Colombia’s Independence Day). From Carrera 1 and calle 22 to carrera 18

Traditional Festival of Gaira

3:00 pm - Qualifying rounds of the Summer and Music by the Sea Festival. Park of Gaira

July 21

3:00 pm - Qualifying rounds of the Festival of Juglares Vallenatos. Park of Gaira

8:00 pm - Concert to Gaira. Park of Gaira

July 23

Artisanal Fishing Festival (Starts at 5:00 am))

Fishing net throwing exhibition
Pearl fishing and swimming contest
Rowing exhibition
Fish market
Competition of Taganga’s Collectors

July 24

8:00 am - Fotomaratón (Photography contest). Parque de los Novios (Couple’s park)

July 28

8:30 pm - Serenade to Santa Marta, 497 years of foundation. El Rodadero

July 29 - Santa Marta bay boardwalk

Santa Marta’s Traditional Cuisine Festival

5:00 pm - Opening of the festival

9:00 pm - Stand up comedy show

11:00 pm - Unplugged concert

July 29 - El Rodadero

7:00 pm - Final of the Festival of Juglares Vallenatos competition

9:00 pm - "Noche de las Perlas y el Caballero" gathering

10:15 pm - Pearl night Concert

12:15 am - “El caballero del Vallenato” concert

July 30

11:00 am - Gastronomic Festival Opening

12:30 pm a 5:00 pm - Showcookings

9:00 pm - Unplugged concert. Place: Taganga

9:00 am - Activities of the Festival of the Children and the Sea. Bolivar Park

2:00 pm - Folklore Parade (From Carrera 1st and 22th street to Avenida de los Estudiantes)

8:00 pm - "Gran Noche del Magdalena Cultural" (Artistic performances). Place: El Rodadero

July 31

9:00 am - Activities of the Festival of the Children and the Sea. Bolivar Park

Santa Marta’s Traditional Cuisine Festival - Santa Marta bay boardwalk

9:00 am a 3:30 pm - Showcookings

6:30 pm - Gastronomic talks

7:00 pm - Gastronomic Festival Awards

9:00 pm - Unplugged concert

Summer and Music to the Sea Festival

3:00 pm - Final of the competition

5:00 pm - Local artist concerts

9:00 pm - Closing concert

Important note: Unexpected changes in the schedule for July 23 and 24 are not visible on the brochure below. This changes can occur without prior notice.

As you can expect, all the concerts of the festival will be at night, while the parades will be during the afternoon at 2:00 pm, The gastronomic events will be in the morning and afternoon, and finally, the Artisanal Fishing Festival gives us the early bird quota starting at 5:00 am. We remind you that access to all the events of the Festival of the Sea is free of charge.

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Cocinar Santa Marta, the local cuisine festival comes back stronger in 2022

During the event, will be held the cooking festival organized by Acodres (Colombian Association of Gastronomic Industry), Cocinar Santa Marta. This year will be the 11th version of this gastronomic festival that promotes local culinary techniques and has been a showcase for the city’s restaurants . In 2021, for example, it brought together 32 companies of the gastronomic sector, giving them a boost after the quarantine.

The good news for 2022 is the programming of complementary activities that will enrich its cultural offer:

  • Gastronomic shows
  • Music
  • Cultural presentations
  • National guest artists
  • Academic topics and bartending training
  • Contests, cooking and bartending shows
  • Internationally recognized chefs

One of the most interesting novelties of this version of Cocinar Santa Marta is the participation of tourism companies. The goal will be to put locals and visitors in contact with travel agencies in Santa Marta which will be offering special deals and activities during the days this event will last (from July 28 to 31).

Highlights of the Cocinar Santa Marta event

Santa Marta is not yet positioned as a gastronomic destination, but these spaces are a great opportunity to strengthen the culinary traditions of the region and gain some recognition. So, whether you are interested in the local gastronomy or just want to know a little more about the culture of this corner of the Colombian Caribbean, Cocinar Santa Marta gives you the chance to broaden your vision of Santa Marta’s cuisine.

Visit Santa Marta, the fantastic connection with the city

A few years ago, Visit Santa Marta began to promote the tourist destinations of the city. And then, little did they imagine they would jump from digital media to be directly in contact with their audience in such an important event.

That’s right, in Visit Santa Marta we are inviting everyone to connect with the destinations of our city in an enjoyable way through several offers and surprises for those who visit our stand in Cocinar Santa Marta. Well, in case you can’t visit our stand, just keep in touch with us through our social networks (Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok), because we have surprises for everyone and we will be giving more information as the date of the event gets closer.

Attend the festival this year

The Festival of the Sea and Cocinar Santa Marta are back this 2022 with their best just to provide you a wonderful time in our city. The invitation has already been made, you just have to accept it!

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