Taganga is a fishing village, home to 3000 people who enjoy their daily lives accompanied by beautiful landscapes that are painted in the immensity of the sea; creating a perfect synchronicity with the sand and the sky.

This beautiful place is situated just 15 minutes from Santa Marta, from its historical downtown. To get there you have two options, the faster choice is taking a taxi that costs approximately $12,000 COP. The cheaper option is the bus that passes through the Carrera Quinta in the historical downtown; this bus has a sign indicating the route, that says 'Kra 11 Taganga’, and the ticket price is $1,800 COP. Upon arrival in Taganga, you will feel the characteristic Caribbean atmosphere in the streets and find various restaurants that are dedicated to give you the best experience possible, delighting you with delicious dishes. Here, seafood is treated as the fruit of the sea, it is fundamental; enjoyed by the seaside, admiring the sunsets and its lovely beaches.

Taganga's biggest attraction is Playa Grande, which you will reach by following a wilderness path across the mountain side. This is your opportunity to challenge your body a little and let yourself get rewarded by the majestic landscape that you will encounter. On the other hand, if what you're looking for is a more exclusive beach, Playa Cristal is the right place for you. This beach offers a truly relaxing atmosphere and its crystal clear water makes it a magical place that you can certainly not pass up. 

The ocean is the great host of this village, everything revolves around it. This is the case for both; the inhabitants who mostly fish, and for their visitors who arrive in Taganga, looking for unique experiences and endless activities. You can simply relax accompanied by the swinging of the waves, connecting to the majestic immensity of the ocean; or truly immerse yourself with the sea life and literally get in touch with it by trying out scuba diving or venturing in a kayak to discover the hidden magic of the ocean.

If you want to check out the local nightlife, you have a variety of clubs and bars to visit whether for dancing or for lounging and making conversation while you share a drink with your partner or friends. In addition, you have many lodging options to choose from, for all different kinds of accommodations and budgets.

Taganga is definitely one of the most stunning and popular destinations in the Santa Marta area, due to the magical charm of its fishing village and the endless possibilities that lead you to one-of-a-kind experiences.

Taganga, a fishing village

Come experience this old fishing village! Taganga, a community dedicated to fishing since ancient times, is today a must-visit destination for any visitor in the Colombian Caribbean; an essential stop to discover the flavors of the sea and the freshness of its waves. A unique place where you can experience diverse nautical attractions, such as kayaking, water skiing, diving, snorkeling and much more, enjoying the magic of the crystal clear water.


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