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Discover the natural world of Santa Marta, Minca and Palomino, enjoy 4 days of beach, river, sun and adventure. In addition to the imposing Tayrona Park and its magical hikes.


Day 1: Paragliding Flight & Natural Labyrinth 

Pick up at the lodge between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. (depending on the location of the lodge).

Initial journey of 60 minutes by car to reach the lower part of the mountain of Puerto Alto Hostel. 

Second journey of 15 to 20 minutes by motorcycle, car or walking to reach the hostel with "voladero" the place where paragliding activity starts.

Talk and instructions about the sport and the equipment for the flight.

Flight from 5 to 15 minutes depending on weather conditions and landing. 

Pick up by motorcycle after the flight to the hostel to enjoy the pool and hotel facilities.

Return trip to the lower part of the mountain or road where the experience ends at approximately 11:30 am. 


Natural Labyrinth 

At approximately 12:00 p.m. the next destination will be the Natural Labyrinth

The first thing we will do in this place is to enjoy the space and have lunch. 

At 1:30 p.m. we will tour the labyrinth's ways for approximately 40 minutes. 

At 3:00 p.m. we will return to Santa Marta. 

Arrival time: 5:30 p.m. approx. 


Day 2: Tubing Palomino 

Pick up at the lodge between 6:00 a.m. (subject to place of lodging) for a 2 hour drive to Palomino.

Typical breakfast once we get off the vehicle in the area at about 8:00 a.m.

35 minute hike on ecological trail until we reach the top of the mountain to make the descent.

Tubing activity for 1 hour admiring the magnificent fauna and flora of the area. 

Return at 2:00 p.m. to the transportation to the Dreamer Palomino Hostel where we will have lunch and free time to rest.

Around 3:30 p.m. we return to Santa Marta. 

Arrival at 5:30 p.m. approximately.


Day 3: Cabo San Juan 

Pick up at the accommodation at approximately 5:00 am (subject to the location of the accommodation).

The experience begins with the pick-up of passengers at the meeting point. Once everyone is in the transportation vehicle, the initial 45-minute journey to the main entrance of the Tayrona Park (El Zaino) will take place; Later, the first walk of about two hours begins along the green path and the beaches until reaching Cabo San Juan. Here you will have time to admire the scenery, take a bath, eat an appetizing traditional lunch and rest.

After spending a while on the beach admiring the imposing sea and being part of the splendid landscape, the adventurers should group up to take the same path back (2 more hours of walking) until they reach the parking lot where the vehicle awaits them again. to return to Santa Marta.

Arrival time in Santa Marta at approximately 6:00 pm.


Day 4: Extreme Minca on Motorcycles  

Pick up at the accommodation between 7:30 am to 8:00 am (subject to the location of the accommodation).

Initial tour of 60 minutes to Minca Pueblo, where we will be given the safety equipment, motorcycles and instructions on the activity. (In case of not driving, a companion will be assigned).

First visit to Pozos Colorados for 15 minutes by motorcycle, to enjoy the scenery and take photos.

Continue the journey for 20 minutes until you reach the La Victoria Coffee Farm, to take a 45-minute tour about the coffee process and taste a delicious cup.

Mirador de los Pinos approximately 1 hour later will be the third visit where we will have one of the most impressive views from Minca to Santa Marta. 

During approximately 20 minutes of travel, you will be in Sierra Minca, one of the most iconic places in Minca Natural with its giant hands and hanging meshes. 

Space to have lunch and enjoy the accommodation. 

Last stop at the Marinca Waterfalls, ideal for taking a bath and connecting with nature, there are 3 waterfalls in total that this place has.

Return tour to Minca Pueblo at approximately 5:00 pm 

Arrival in Santa Marta at 6:30 pm


- Flight pilot accompaniment

- Tubing activity.

- Lunch at Laberinto Natural, Minca Extrema en Motos, Tubing Palomino Motorcycle

- Helmet and motorcycle rental for Minca Extrema en Motos.

- Drink in Natural Labyrinth.

- Safety briefing on flying and paragliding.

- Typical breakfast in Tubing Palomino.

- Entrance fees to Finca La Victoria, Pozo Azul, Marinka Waterfalls, Natural Labyrinth.

- Flight equipment (helmet and harness).

- Entrance ticket to Tayrona National Park.

- Tour Guide in Tubing Palomino, Minca Extrema in Motorcycles and Cabo San Juan.

- Swimming pool in Puerto Alto.

- Pick up from the landing site to the hostel Puerto Alto.

- Medical Assistance Insurance

- Minca Extrema coffee snack on motorcycles.

- Transportation from the meeting point to Puerto Alto hostel.

- Air-conditioned ground transportation from the lodging to the sites (urban perimeter).

- One (1) paragliding flight per person.


- Accomadation

- Breakfast or mentioned

- Hydration

- Dinner

- Lunch not mentioned

- Unspecified expenses

- Activities not mentioned in the itinerary

- Personal expenses


- It is mandatory to wear masks or face masks.

- Remember to apply alcohol on your hands.

- It is vital to keep a physical distance .

- Keep yourself very hydrated due to the weather conditions.

- Minimize your garbage and deposit it in the indicated places.

- To maintain a harmonious environment and support the care of the natural environment, it is vital to respect wildlife and local customs; therefore, we invite you to leave the places you visit as you found them or better.

- Foreigners must pay an additional $40,000 COP in the Tours of Cabo San Juan to the value of the tour to enter the Tayrona National Park.


- Hydration (thermos with water or other non-alcoholic drink) - Additional

- Sun hat

- Bathing suit

- Towel

- Sunglasses

- Sunscreen

- Comfortable clothes and an extra set of clothes

- Organic mosquito repellent

- Waterproof bags

- Comfortable walking shoes

- Personal hygiene implements

- Medicines.

- Cash

- Trekking shoes

- Snacks

- Identity documents


- Rates and availability of available seats are subject to change without prior notice.

- Paragliding can be done by children from 10 years of age.

- Transport outside the urban perimeter has a surcharge according to the accommodation location.

- If external circumstances such as rain occur, the activity must be suspended and the paragliding flight may be rescheduled.

- There is no refund of the subscription, nor changes in the scheduled time after once the payment for the paragliding activity has been made.

- In case of cancellations, no money refunds are made and if the client wishes to make a change of date for major reasons, it will be done only once and must notify at least three days in advance and if we have availability, the change can be made, otherwise no. experience will be possible.

- Children under 14 years old are not recommended to carry out the Extreme Minca experience on Motorcycles.

- National children from 0 to 3 years old pay $10,000 equivalent to the insurance for the Cabo San Juan experience.

- Children from 4 years old and older pay the adult rate for nationals and foreigners in the Cabo San Juan experience.

- Children from 0 to 3 years old must attend the Cabo San Juan experience as lap children with their companion if they want a seat they must pay the adult rate.

- People of foreign nationality must pay a fee of $190,000 per person for the Cabo San Juan experience.

- If the activity of Minca Extrema en Motos is canceled due to bad weather conditions, you will be offered another date or the full refund of the amount paid.

- Keep in mind that the paragliding flight may present variations with respect to the duration of the flight and the landing site due to changes in weather conditions

- It is necessary to be 40 minutes before the scheduled flight time. If the client does not comply with the schedule, we cannot guarantee the activity will be carried out or reimbursed.

- You will have a maximum of 24 hours to cancel the service and only bank and administrative surcharges will be applied.

- In case of rescheduling, you must check availability to modify the reservation date at least 24 hours previous to the service, which will be subject to the number of spaces available on the required dates. Visit Santa Marta reserves the right to recognize reasons of force majeure.

- Once the service has been requested to be rescheduled and the client decides to cancel it less than 24 hours before the service is rendered, a charge of 100% of the contracted amount will be applied.

- No Show is considered when after contracting a service, the participants do not attend to purchase it, and a cancellation is not made 24 hours in advance so that 100% of the value of the service is charged.

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