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The Natural Hot springs tour is the ideal plan for travelers who seek relaxation and wellness. This spectacular natural spring is located in the region of Cienega and has water temperatures that vary between 40°-42° Celsius (104°-108°F). To visit these natural springs is a unique opportunity to enjoy special thermal waters which emit from the earth and are said to have special properties which help with physical and mental relaxation and one’s overall welfare.

The Thermal Pools are a marvelous destination which provide peace and tranquility with its warm waters and lush surrounding vegetation. Within this Sacred Space exists the “Black Line” which is the ancient boundary of the many indigenous tribes of the Caribbean coast and where the various tribes including the well-known Cogi and the Aruacos would come down from their respective regions to perform ceremonies and other ancient traditions respective to their cultures.


Approximately~3 Hours


Meeting point: Accomadation

Horario de disponibilidad: 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Dear Traveler, this unique relaxing experience begins with a transport pickup from your accomadation, to begin the journey towards the Costa Verde Thermal Pools which are located in the region of Ciénaga, the ride to the destination is approximately 45 minutes from Santa Marta.

Once you arrive at the thermal pools, the first thing you should do is take a quick cold shower to prepare and acclimate your body. Once you have done this you can begin your first soak in the thermal pools spending between 10-20 minutes depending on your personal health, how you are feeling, and your tolerance levels to the high temperatures. DO NOT SPEND more than 20 minutes at a time in a thermal pool. It is best to switch between hot and cold, off and on, repeating in order to best protect your skin and well being.

Make use of your breaks by consuming water, drinking a refreshing drink, , and enjoying a small snack.

This adventure can be scheduled according to your preferences, but keep in mind that we recommend a MAXIMUM of 2 hours in the thermal pool bathing area.

Finally, after enjoying the bathrooms and a snack, we take a quick cold shower to reacclimate and cap off a relaxation adventure and return to our ride for a direct drop off to your accommodation. Door to Door Service. 



- Ground Transportation

- Medical Insurance

- A Water Bottle

- Entrance Admission

- Bath in the thermals, plus Bathroom access.

- Light Snack offering-Drink: Coconut Water, Juice, Sparkling or Still Water, plus Snack: Fruit Salad, Banana Bread, Yuca Bread, artesenal sweets made with fresh fruit.


- Unspecified expenses

- Lunch

- Tips


What should you keep in mind before and during this experience?

- It is mandatory to wear a mask/facial covering in the common areas

- Remember to use alcohol at all times.

- It is essential to keep a physical distance.

- If you have any special medical conditions or allergies, please notify us when booking.

- Bring Sunscreen and Organic Mosquito/Bug Repelente for your bath.

- You are responsible for your personal objects. Take care of them.

- You must wear a bathing suit in order to take a bath in the thermal pools. No Nudity.

- For cleanliness and Safety; You cannot bring drinks, snacks or any other objects into the area where the baths are located.

- Do not DIVE into the pools at all, and walk with care around the pools and the wet and slippery areas

- We recommend you follow the signs to enter the pools and do not use the paths which have prohibited access.

- Women who are pregnant, people who take certain medications, and people who have health conditions should consult with a doctor before taking part in this activity.


- Bring sunblock and mosquito repellent(ORGANIC ONLY)

- Comfortable shoes and/or sandals.

-Sunglasses, a hat, or any object to protect from direct sun rays.

- Swimwear.

- Change of Clothes

- Cash

- Towel

- Camera


- If kids are older than 5 they need to have their own paid entrance, the same as adults.

- It is not allowed to take any clay, mud, or any plants from the areas surrounding the pools and gardens of the complex

- Smoking is Prohibited in the Thermal Pool Area

- No access to the pools for anyone who shows up drunk/has been consuming alcohol

- No Show is when after contracting the service the participants do not attend, and a cancellation is not presented 72 hours in advance, In this case there is no refund and 100% of the value of the service will be charged.

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