Rodadero Santa Marta

Diversidad de playas y mucho más

Rodadero is a popular destination for Colombian tourists and visitors from around the world. Located 5 km south of Santa Marta, this bustling coastal city offers beautiful white sand beaches, a tropical climate, many hotel options and countless water sports and activities for guests to enjoy. It was named by the locals due to the sand mountain adjacent to the beach. In the ‘60s, bathers used to roll down the mountain into the crystal clear water. 

Rodadero has a varied marine ecosystem with diverse beaches where you can rest and relax, such as Playa Blanca. For beach lovers on a hot day, there’s nothing more pleasant than enjoying the cool salt water while the fine sand slides between your feet. If water sports are more your thing, you have options including sailing, flyboarding, underwater fishing, water skiing and scuba diving, to name a few. It’s also home to Rodadero Sea Aquarium and Museum where you can get up close with an interesting array of underwater species.

The beach is lined with numerous hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs with different prices and atmospheres to suit all tastes. This is a cool place where you can enjoy the city, the company of its warm people and the musical rhythms of the entire Caribbean region. 

How to get there?

There are two ways to get to this wonderful destination. You can choose to go by bus, one of the cheapest options, depending on where you are in the city. The other option is to choose a taxi service, which is a bit more expensive but faster. The bus will drop you off 4 or 7 blocks from the beach, while the taxi will drop you off at Carrera 1 del Rodadero (in front of the beach).

With so many things to see and do, it’s no surprise that crowds of visitors flock to Rodadero throughout the year. Enjoy the bustling nightlife, walk along the median to listen to music and browse handicrafts or experience the city horseback riding through the streets.

This seaside destination is the ideal place to relax, have fun, party and experience the vibrant culture with an attractive coastal setting as the backdrop.

Activities you can do in Rodadero

  • 1. Pleasure boat rental
    2. Yacht charter
    3. Diving courses
    4. Visits to the aquarium and marine museum
    5. Encounters with wild dolphins
  • 6. Chiva rumbera ride
  • 7. Tour en Catamarán

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