Adventure between beaches and mountains

Taganga is a fishing village and popular destination for backpackers. It’s home to 3,000 people who enjoy its scenic coastal landscape. With beautiful beaches and arid mountains, it is a great place for those who enjoy hiking and experiencing the great outdoors. The village also has easy access to Tayrona National Park, Ciudad Perdida and the Sierra Nevada Santa Marta.

Its history as a fishing village dates back to before the Colony. Taganga didn’t become a tourist destination until the 1960s. The village is situated on an inlet between the bay of Santa Marta and the Tayrona National Natural Park.

Where is Taganga located?

This beautiful place is located 15 minutes from Santa Marta’s historic city center. There are two options for transportation. The first option is faster, taking a taxi that costs approximately $12,000 COP. The second option, is a bus with an ad that says "Kra 11 Taganga" that passes through Carrera 5 of the Historic Center costs $2,000 COP. Upon arrival you’ll instantly feel the Caribbean atmosphere and smell the salty breeze. The village is home to many restaurants where you can dine on freshly caught fish while enjoying the coastal views. 

What to do in Taganga

  • 1. Diving courses
  • 2. Hiking among the mountains
  • 3. Transportation by glass bottom boat
  • 4. Boarding a motorboat to get to Tayrona National Park

Playa Grande: The biggest attraction in Taganga

Playa Grande is one of Taganga’s most popular attractions. You can access it by taking an ecological path across the mountain. The hike is challenging, but it’s worth the trek to the top where you can soak in the majestic landscape. If you want a more exclusive beach experience, Playa Cristal is the place you should visit. It’s a magical destination for relaxing and enjoying the crystal clear water. 

Everything in this village revolves around the ocean, and the activities are endless for both its residents and visitors. From scuba diving to kayaking and sunbathing on the beach, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

There are also a variety of clubs and bars to visit in Taganga. Dance the night away at a club or swap travel tips at a more laid back bar. In addition, you have many lodging options for all types of occasions and budgets. 

Taganga is one of the most striking and visited destinations in Santa Marta. Thanks, in part, to the warmth of its fishing village and the myriad of options for wonderful experiences.

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