¡Sabores increíbles!

Te sorprenderás de la gran variedad de sabores que la ciudad mística del Caribe tiene para ti. Disfruta de platos locales con un sabor único que esconde esta tierra paradisíaca. Además también podrás disfrutar de cocina internacional preparada por chefs de distintos lugares del mundo.

Lista de Restaurantes

Santa Marta

The plantain and green banana
Essential ingredients for local food.

The plantain and green banana are an immature presentation of banana and ripe plantain. They are commonly found in yellow colors and with a very sweet and mild flavor in other parts of the world. 
On the other hand, the Caribbean cuisine has given an unusual prominence to these fruits in their traditional cuisine but with the difference that they are prepared in a state called "Viche", in this stage the banana and plantain are characterized by being green and having a sour and dry taste that does not seem appetizing, until the kitchen of the mystic city of the Caribbean adds its culinary magic, turning it into exquisite dishes such as Patacón, Cayeye or the very popular Tajaditas.

Each flavor is a new experience

In Santa Marta you can enjoy almost any dish, from typical to gourmet food. All the flavors are open to be discovered by your palate. Each table gives you a new experience in terms of service, theme and creativity each chef prints in their works.
Allow the city to surprise you and experience new flavors in the mystic city of the Caribbean.

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Santa Marta, Colombia.

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