An Ecological-Sustainable Company, processor and distributor of Natural Artisanal Products (Bar Soaps, Deodorant), focused on caring for the skin of its consumers and the planet.


Name of the entrepreneur: Jacqueline Maria Russo Pascuález

Kind of product: Handcrafted Natural Bar Soaps and Deodorants, with excellent quality control, ideal for different skin types, always focused on caring for the planet.

Material: Vegetable oils, butters, waxes, plants, fruits, activated charcoal, clays, collagen, vitamin E, distilled water.

Concept: We craft Natural Soaps using the Cold Process Saponification technique, preserving the natural wisdom of our ancestors and avoiding the use of phosphates and parabens in our processes. Additionally, our portfolio includes Natural Alum Stone Deodorant.

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Cra 1c # 22-19

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