Coffee Tasting in Processes

  • horario 30 min.


  • bienestar Sensory experience
  • bienestar Coffee tasting


Coffee processing is the most important phase in the life of the bean, as it directly influences the flavor and body that you will find in your final cup. In our laboratory, we leave aside the traditional cupping and take you to a multisensory experience that you will not forget. In this experience you will learn about three processes: -Traditional Process: Experience the classic coffee flavor with a bright acidity, a smooth body, floral and fruity notes, fresh sweetness, a very balanced coffee. -Natural Process: Perceive coffee that is naturally dried, characterized by intense fruity flavors, medium body, sweet notes. -Honey Process: Explore a coffee that is processed with part of the coffee cherry pulp still attached to the bean, distinguished by its bittersweet and fruity notes. Each Vívolo cup is a unique journey of discovery and pleasure for your palate. By getting to know these three processes, you will experience the magic in each sip, a constant reminder of how nature and time influence the creation of an exceptional coffee.
  • Meeting point: Casa Marina |Cra 1C #22-19
    Hours: 8:00 a.m - 7:30 p.m|Sunday to Wednesday
    8:00 am - 8:30 pm|Thursday to Saturday

    We will begin with a welcome to the participants by our barista. Afterwards, we will go to the coffee laboratory to receive an explanation about the cupping to be tasted. Within the experience, you will enjoy different processes (Washing, Natural and Honey) and, at the end, you will have the option to buy your favorite coffee in our store, Vivolo Cafe. A unique experience for coffee lovers!

  • -Coffee tasting experience
    -Three types of coffee to be tasted
    -Medical assistance insurance
    -Bottle of water

  • -Services not mentioned

  • Not applicable

  • -Drinks and food are not allowed in Casa Marina.
    -It is not recommended to bring children to this activity.
    -You will have a maximum of 24 hours to cancel the service and only -bank and administrative surcharges will be applied.
    -No Show is considered when after hiring a service the participants do not attend to purchase it, and a cancellation is not made 24 hours in advance, so that 100% of the value of the service is charged.

  • What should you consider before and during the tour?

    -If you have any special medical condition or allergies, please notify us when making the reservation.
    -Do not bring any valuable objects.
    -You are responsible for your personal belongings, take care of them.
    -It is forbidden: drugs, excessive alcohol, prostitution and bad behavior that threatens others.
    -Minimize your garbage and deposit it in the indicated places.

    What should you bring?

    -Comfortable clothes and shoes
    -Medications (if necessary)
    -Identification document

  • Price per person $50.000 COP
  • Total $100.000 COP
  • VAT exemption
  • * Foreigners exempt from taxes
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