The Sun Corridor Santa Marta

The Corredor del Sol offers unforgettable experiences and a variety of opportunities to share with family and friends.

Published 2023-01-03 09:30:13

A road adventure

If you love road trips, the great outdoors, venturing into the unknown and spectacular sunsets, you can’t miss experiencing the Sun Corridor.

Also called the Caribbean corridor, it is one of the most important road networks in the country. It connects to the Colombian interior, from Bogotá and other cities, with the northern departments on the Atlantic coast, which have a total area of ​​96,327 km2.

This road limits:

  • To the North with the Caribbean Sea.

  • With Venezuela to the East.

  • To the West with the tourist corridor of the Gulf of Morrosquillo and Sabana.

  • To the Southeast with the northeastern corridor and to the Southwest with the Antioquia-Chocó corridor.

The invitation to the Corridor

We invite you to visit magical towns and experience fascinating cultural expressions with a visit to the Sun Corridor. The diverse and beautiful natural landscape spans swamps, streams, rivers and crystal clear waters. You can practice extreme nautical sports such as La Vega or reconnect with Mother Nature with a stop at the Mamancana nature reserve, located on the Troncal del Caribe, on the outskirts of Santa Marta. Stop in town to admire the historic colonial architecture and get a bite to eat at one of the many local restaurants.

These wonderful opportunities make it possible to appreciate the beauty and biodiversity of the Magdalena department and the municipalities of Fundación, Aracataca, Ciénaga, Santa MartaZona Bananera, among others. It also gives visitors easy access to the popular destination of Rodadero. 

The Sun Corridor ensures unforgettable experiences and a range of possibilities to share with family and friends.

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