Santa Marta Transportation Terminal

The Santa Marta Transportation Terminal is located in the southwest of the city. It has 3 entrances and more than 25 bus platforms.

Published 2023-01-03 10:19:09

The Santa Marta Transportation Terminal is located in the southwest of the city in the Department of Magdalena. This has 3 accesses; parking for 250 taxis and more than 25 platforms for receiving and dispatching buses from transport companies such as: Copetran, Expreso Brasilia, Rápido Ochoa, Transportes la Veloz, Berlinas del Fonce, Transportes Marsol, among others.

Public transport

You can get to the transport terminal by using the buses identified with the code 03, 03-F La 30 and the following routes:

  • From Taganga: You can take the route that goes to Bonda, since it goes directly in front of the Transport Terminal.

  • From Bonda: You must take the Mingueo highway if you are at this point and then Avenida Troncal del Caribe.

  • From Gaira: You just have to go to the Avenida Troncal del Caribe and there you will find several routes that will leave you in front of the Central de Transporte

  • From the Port: the alternate route to the seaport that leads directly to the terminal (Mamatoco).

If you want to take transport routes from the Central, you will find buses in front of the establishment that will take you to the Historic Center, Taganga, Bonda and Rodadero for about $2,300 COP per person. The duration of the trip will depend on your destination.

Contact information

Below is contact information for the transport terminal:

Means of transport

  • Taxi: This service is enabled outside the Transport Terminal. The fare to the City Center ranges between $ 15,000 and $ 20,000 COP.

  • Private transport: Write to us to hire a private transfer service.

Transportation rates

Destinations from the Transport Terminal by Taxi:

  • Keep in mind that there is a departure fee when you take a taxi from the Transportation Terminal of $ 1,000 COP.

  • Terminal - Rodadero: $ 12,000 COP (15 minutes)

  • Terminal - Taganga: $ 30,000 COP (35 Minutes)

  • Terminal - Bonda: $ 20,000 COP (20 Minutes)

Destinations from Santa Marta by Taxi: 

  • Pozos Colorados Sector: $ 16,000 COP 

  • Bello Horizonte Sector: $ 20,000 COP 

  • Airport: $ 26,000 COP 

  • Minca: $ 60,000 COP 

  • Tayrona Park: $ 100,000 COP

  • Taganga - Airport: $ 38,000 COP 

  • Bonda - Airport: $ 38,000 COP 

  • Decamerón - Santa Marta: $ 30,000 COP

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