At Libélula Shop Accessories we create handcrafted jewelry with soul! Our pieces, made with natural materials and ancestral techniques, seek to promote the balance of a woman's body and mind. Designed to connect with the inner self and enhance the natural beauty of each woman, our jewelry is unique and of high quality. In addition, at Libélula we are committed to sustainability and care for the environment.

Libelula Shop Accessories

Name of the entrepreneur: Silvana Barandica

Kind of product: High quality handcrafted jewelry that follows fashion trends.

Material: Japanese Miyuki crystal, Czech beads, murano, gold-plated copper wire, buffalo wire, guaya and rigid nylon, stainless steel appliqués and natural quartz.

Concept: We make jewelry by mixing ancestral and contemporary jewelry techniques.

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Cra 1c # 22-19

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