Haunted Santa Marta: Ghost stories that send shivers down your spine

Santa Marta beyond its beautiful scenery has been the place of eerie events that has chilled its inhabitants, here we tell you the 3 most horrifying stories.

Published 2022-12-29 15:14:06

During the spookiest month of the year, Santa Marta offers us more than fun in its tourist attractions, it has ghost stories too, told by those who witnessed them. Make yourself comfortable reading these stories that will send shivers down your spine.

Entrust yourself to Heaven… the ghostly nun has arrived

The old ‘San Juan de Dios’ hospital was where most locals were born many years ago. After being a busy hospital, suddenly, serious administrative problems led to its closure and abandonment.

Since 1991, a dark veil of mystery has surrounded this building because the ghost of a nun wanders the hospital’s corridors. Although nobody knows to whom the nun’s spirit belongs, some workers of the time said she was a volunteer of the ‘Sisters of Charity’ that fell in love with a doctor. Pitifully, it was an unrequited love, so she decided to hang herself in one of its corridors.

Dolls you don’t want to play with

This story emerged in one of the city's most popular stores some years ago. Then, before the existence of social networks that could spread the voice, the work would be done by the people shocked by the spooky story and could not contain themselves from telling others what had happened.

In the 90s, a security guard was making his usual nightly round in the store when, hey! He sees what appears to be dolls alive! They had creepy smiling faces while summoning the devil. Unfortunately, this was the last thing he saw in his entire life.

So, if the only witness was silenced violently,  how do we know about this story? Another security guard saw this dreadful episode that night, but he never made this incident public. It is said the store's owners paid him for the incident to be kept secret to protect the business's reputation.

We know this could seem like a fabricated tale, but even so, do you know what your dolls do while nobody is watching them?...

The ghosts of the railroad tracks

The railroad that connected the port of Santa Marta to the banana plantation region was the scene of the following story. According to those who lived on both sides of the railroad track, people arrived there walking, entranced by a supernatural entity and killed themselves by standing on the railroad track.

Most of the carcasses were dressed in pajamas. Those who knew them said they did not have depression symptoms or health issues. Then, suddenly, they turned into suicide sleepwalkers who went to the railroad track to dreadfully end their lives. These eerie events occurred in the 50s, and the explanation given is the ghost of a woman who had committed suicide in that stretch of the railroad track put people in a trance and led them to murder themselves to join her in the afterlife.

The security guard who talks to the dead

In Club Palo Alto residential condominium, many claims they have heard eerie noises or seen chilling events, but the most recent one was the creepiest of all. The camera caught a security guard helping an invisible person who asked him for help.

The guard tells his colleague over the radio that he will use the elevator to help a lady. However, when his partner starts to look at the security cameras, he realizes that there is no one with him. Puzzled, he asked who he was talking to because the cameras showed him talking to nobody.

Trusting in what his colleague had just told him, the guard immediately ran back to look at the security videos to find out there was no one with him. The lady he helped never existed.

Whether or not this lady was a nasty trick of his mind is hard to confirm. The residents of the building say they hear voices and have seen a lady hanging around and talking to some people. What is the explanation for this? It is a mystery to be solved.

Have you had a spooky experience?

Maybe you are one of those people who don’t believe in ghosts since sometimes our imagination can trick us into thinking there is something beyond our comprehension. But, are you 100% sure it’s just imagination? What if it isn’t so?…

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