Bahía Concha: how to get there and what to do

The guide to Concha Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in Santa Marta and ideal for snorkeling, diving and other activities.

Published 2022-12-29 15:56:49

Bahía Concha is one of the beaches in the Tayrona National Park. Its tropical dry forests, patches of mangroves, and fascinating marine diversity make it one of the most beautiful beaches in Santa Marta. In addition, its calm and crystal-clear waters make it a great destination for swimming or snorkeling.

This post will give you all the essential information: how to get there by ground or sea, what to do, and the best tips for getting the most out of your trip to Bahía Concha.


Bahía Concha is located 35 to 45 minutes from Santa Marta city. It is well-known for being the most easily accessible beach in Tayrona Park and for being the nearest to the urban area. This position has turned it into one of the favorite options for visitors as it is easily accessible by ground, in private or shared tours, or by the sea, on a motorboat, sailboat, or yacht.

How to get to Bahía Concha from Santa Marta?

By ground

If you are getting to Bahía Concha on your own, from Santa Marta downtown it will take you around 45 minutes. You have to take Avenida del Libertador towards Bastidas neighborhood, reach 9th street, turn right and continue along. This road will take you directly to the entrance of Bahía Concha. Keep in mind that the final part of the road is unpaved and from the entrance to the beach it will take you about 15 minutes on foot. Here is a map showing how to get there.

Other options by ground are motorcycle taxis, public transport, or an organized tour.

By sea

Although you can get there on your own, most departures by sea to Bahía Concha can be arranged with a travel agency, which offers you more reliability in the service. The trip takes 50 minutes or an hour and a half, depending on its itinerary.

Motorboats are the most common form of transportation, but there are other means from which you can choose. As mentioned above, you can also go by yacht or sailboat. These boats leave from the bays of Taganga, Santa Marta, or El Rodadero. To help you decide, we will tell you below the tours to Bahía Concha you can do by sea.

Tours to Bahía Concha

Some tours you could be interested in are:

  • Tour Tayrona by sea: On this tour, you will discover the magic of Tayrona Park through a trip on a motorboat in which you will sight the beaches of Taganga, Cinto, Granate, Chengue and Gairaca. The tour has two stops: one at Cinto, a virgin beach of Tayrona, and then at Bahía Concha to enjoy the sea and snorkel if you wish.

  • Sailboat tour to Bahía Concha: This sailboat tour departs directly to Bahía Concha. After an hour-and-a-half trip, you arrive at this destination with free time for swimming, paddle surfing, or snorkeling.

What to do?

On the beaches of Bahía Concha, you can do several interesting activities, we tell you about them below:

  • Diving

  • Snorkeling

  • Freediving

  • Hiking

  • Kayaking

  • Paddleboard

  • Paddle boat


In Bahía Concha, the prices of the services are standardized. At the time of editing this article, the services had the following prices:

  • Snorkeling in Waikiki or Bonito Gordo: $25.000 COP

  • Kayaking: $25.000 COP

  • Beach tent rental: $50.000 COP

  • Paddle boat: $25.000 COP

Beaches near Bahía Concha

There are two great spots near Bahía Concha for snorkeling: Waikiki and Bonito Gordo beaches. Both are accessible by boat, which is included in any snorkeling plan you buy there. Exploring sea life is a great opportunity to escape from routine and discover the wonders of nature.

Waikiki beach

The main attraction of this beach is snorkeling. From Bahía Concha it is about 15 minutes by boat. For being close and having coral reefs that attract many marine species is one of the best-known snorkeling spots in Santa Marta.

Bonito Gordo beach

Is a destination that some people reach from Taganga, by boat or a 4-hour hike through the mountain. The beach is quiet, and as it happens with Waikiki beach you can arrive there by buying a snorkeling plan in Bahía Concha that includes transportation and the guidance of local instructors to do the activity.


  • Bring insect repellent 

  • Sunblock

  • Beach towel

  • Hat or any clothing that provides extra protection from the sun (if you go by land, the trail from the entrance to the beach is uncovered and sunny)

  • You can bring beverages or food in non-disposable or glass containers. Bahía Concha has restaurants, and by buying there you also help the locals. Many tours include lunch.

  • Since the beach is within a National Park, pets are not allowed. (See all the recommendations of National Parks here)

Let’s enjoy the sun and the beach!

As you can see, this area of Tayrona Park which perhaps you had not heard much about has several curiosities and secrets that you will discover when you arrive. What are you waiting for to enjoy its landscapes and its extensive beach? the ideal place to do activities in the sea, or spend a relaxing time with the sound of the ocean and the cool breeze touching your face.

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