La Victoria Farm: Discover the coffee history in Minca

La Victoria farm is one of the best known in Minca, and one of the oldest. In this article we show you how to get there, budget and more.

Published 2022-12-29 15:11:50

La Victoria farm, is a coffee farm in Minca, Colombia, that has become a tourist attraction for many visitors who want to know more about the coffee production process. It was created in 1892 for 7 people; 5 investors and a founding couple. Nowadays it is like a coffee museum for many travelers looking for the best attractions of the North Coast of Colombia.

How do you get to la Victoria Farm?

This farm is located six kilometers from Santa Marta, in Minca. This town is one hour away from the city. To get to Minca you can take public transport (Cootrasminca) in the Public Market of Santa Marta, or if you prefer a more comfortable option, Visit Santa Marta offers you a private transportation service to Minca.

Once you are in Minca, you can get to la Victoria farm by taking a motorcycle taxi. These are the most common means of transport to go from one point to another within the town.

Another option is arriving by walking, but take this into consideration: it is about 2 hours up to the farm, so you have to be fit, and start walking on time.

‘La Victoria’ Farm coffee tour

If you are coming to Santa Marta, you can not miss a coffee tour, and that of la Victoria Farm is one of the most popular. During this tour you will learn about the history of the place, the production and growing of coffee plantations. You can see the process, from the coffee cherries on the plants, to the cup, so be ready to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

This tour shows how the Colombian coffee growers of this region cultivate and produce the main ingredient of the famous beverage, in addition you will know the fascinating history of la Victoria Farm, which has more than 130 years of coffee tradition. As expected, you will have the opportunity to buy some La Victoria brand coffee too.

Entrance fee and other costs

The entrance fee to La Victoria Farm is $25.000 COP, around $6 USD (includes the coffee tour).

The transportation from Santa Marta to Minca (departs from the Public Market) has a fare of $8,000 COP ($2 USD). In Minca, you can use motorcycle taxis to move within the town, the price depends on your location.

What’s the best month to visit la Victoria farm?

In October, the harvesting of coffee cherries starts, that is why this is a good month to visit the farm, but take into account that October is part of the rainy season.

Some recommendations: Bring insect repellent, closed shoes. Be ready if you are going to visit Minca during the rainy season. Finally, taste the coffee, feel the aroma and enjoy the experience!


  • Bring insect repellent

  • Closed shoes

  • Rain coat (if you are coming during the rainy season)

  • If you are staying in Minca or at higher altitudes, be ready for nights colder than those of Santa Marta

  • Enjoy the coffee experience!

La Victoria Farm, a great example of the tropical coffee in Santa Marta

Many never imagine such a possibility: Do a coffee tour that takes you from the plantation to the cup… in the heat of a city like Santa Marta. But the conditions the Sierra Nevada offers makes it possible. This vast mountainous region allows for many more coffee farms to be located there. For example, La Candelaria and La Milagrosa Farm are excellent places to visit too. So don’t be surprised a coffee tour can be done in Santa Marta.

So, now you know, you have one more proof that this city has a lot of things to offer you, among others, a delicious cup of coffee grown in the Caribbean Coast of Colombia!

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