What to do in Santa Marta at night: best places and activities

Discover everything you can do in Santa Marta at night, from the quietest to the most rumberos that the city has to offer.

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Santa Marta’s charm depends on its offer of nature, beach, and sun, but when the sun sets, you might wonder, “What does Santa Marta have for me? What to do in Santa Marta at night?” If you arrived here looking for the answer to those questions, hold on, we’ll show you the best places to visit and the activities you can do at night in Santa Marta.

Let’s start by talking about the places you should not miss.

Places in Santa Marta with the best nightlife

Check out these recommendations and find out which part of Santa Marta has the best nightlife according to your preferences. 

1. Santa Marta Bay and the Historic Center at night

The sunsets in Santa Marta are unmissable gems, strolling along the “Camellón”, the boardwalk next to the bay, is a good plan to start. By doing so, you can capture the opportunity to take some pictures. Then, to get you in the mood, you could go to the Historic Center, to the places we recommend you below.

Parque de los Novios (The Couple’s Park), the heart of the nightlife in Santa Marta Historic Center

A century ago, the inhabitants of the city never imagined this small square, known as the public market then, would turn into such an important tourist destination. Nowadays, the Couple’s Park comes alive spectacularly at night, and the Historic Center of Santa Marta “addresses all its roads to the Couple’s Park”, as almost everybody is going to recommend it to you!

The Couple’s park is surrounded by buildings of Republican Style, which adds to it some particular charm. But this is not the unique factor that makes it magnetic, this square has an interesting gastronomic offer, such as the reinvention of the typical food of the region, international dishes, and of course, fast food options (they are everywhere, aren’t they?).

Best of all, they will provide you with dishes and experiences that delight the most demanding palates. So, if hungry, the Historic Center will be waiting for you with the best culinary experience.

If you want to party and have some drinks, the Couple’s Park has many bars and nightclubs, some of which are among the best in the city. No matter if you are a solo traveler, traveling with your partner, or with a group of friends, just include a visit to the Couple’s Park at night, and you will not be disappointed.

2. Historic Center streets with the best nightlife

If the Couple’s Park is the heart of the nightlife in the Historic Center of Santa Marta, then the streets around, beat at the same pace. Let us recommend some streets you can go to at night.

  • Callejón del Correo (Carrera 3)

  • Calle del Pozo (calle 18) 

  • Calle Tumbacuatro (calle 19)

Close to the Couple’s Park, these streets concentrate the most interesting offer of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. By the way, these streets are well decorated, illuminated and are one of the busiest at night, so, walking around is a good idea. Of course, we are not responsible for any cravings you may get from the restaurants in the area.

3. “El Rodadero” at night: the departure point of popular party tours

El Rodadero, well known for being one of the favorite sun-and-beach destinations for Colombians, has an interesting nightlife too. Many come to El Rodadero at night because it is the departure point for very popular party tours in Santa Marta.

El Rodadero has a significant hotel offer, suitable for any preference or budget, and fortunately, the same can be said for its gastronomic offer. In El Rodadero you can find from small local restaurants to restaurants of national and international franchises. So, if you want to eat something you are familiar with, for sure you can find it there, furthermore, El Rodadero has sites well known for its ceviche or pizzas.

Strolling along the boardwalk of El Rodadero at night plan you can take into account. Feeling the fresh breeze of the sea and listening to the music of a vallenato group playing live music is part of this experience.

What about partying? El Rodadero has great nightclubs that have been in the minds of the locals for many years. Furthermore, in El Rodadero you find the “Chivas” (a traditional colorful Colombian vehicle) that do city tours while partying. Otherwise, a night tour on a catamaran could be another option for you, both are unique and different ways of partying in Santa Marta.

4. Taganga, an excellent night destination in Santa Marta

Taganga is a small town of fishermen where life goes on in a relaxed and paused atmosphere. At night, it transforms itself into a place you must add to your list of party places and nightlife in Santa Marta.

Due to many years of being the host of foreign visitors, Taganga has an international vibe that can be perceived in its food offer and the way they party. They have become so good at partying, that even travelers that are in Santa Marta’s downtown go to Taganga seeking the best parties!

Taganga has nightclubs that are attractive to tourists no matter the country of origin. A common plan in Santa Marta is, after doing the Lost City trek, a group of travelers that became friends during the tour, go together to a nightclub in Taganga. That party is not only a plan for having a good time but for saying goodbye, because many of them will continue their itinerary and won’t meet again ever.

What to do in Santa Marta at night

If you have read up to this point, you already know some activities you can do in Santa Marta at night. Nonetheless, let us show you Santa Marta has other things to do every night you stay in the city.

Casa Marina and Vívolo Café: Fusing flavors and fun

To explore Santa Marta at night is to get into the vibrant energy of this coastal city. Among the various options available, an experience not to be missed is a visit to Casa Marina. Here, you can enjoy a variety of events, from live music nights to open-air movie screenings. But the fun doesn't stop there; a must stop is at Vívolo, an emblematic place known not only for its exquisite coffee, but also for its captivating cocktails and spectacular sunsets, an experience you truly must live!

Keep up with their latest news and events through their Instagram posts: @vivolocafe and @casamarinasantamarta.

Get to see the city on a party chiva

“Chivas” are traditional buses in Colombia, they are used for tourist in many cities, and so often, they are “mobile parties”. These party buses are known as “Chivas rumberas” they depart from El Rodadero and visit tourist attractions in Santa Marta. Chivas are a common way of knowing the city, they offer a kind of city tour while partying and drinking.

Night tour to Taganga on a sailboat

In this night tour on a sailboat, you can make the party as lively as you and your friends want it transportationto be. This tour starts in the International Marina, where you board the sailboat and navigate to Taganga bay. It is a round-trip bash in the Caribbean Sea during the night. It is definitely one of those plans you have to do if you are coming with friends who say yes to everything!

White night party catamaran (boat) around Santa Marta bays

In Santa Marta, partying on boats never ends, the white night party on a catamaran is another cool option you would want to include in your travel itinerary in Santa Marta. The departure point is at El Rodadero, the party starts as a panoramic tour with the best music to create a Caribbean party atmosphere. When you reach Santa Marta bay, the sunset will look like a backdrop over the sea, be ready to capture this moment with a photo. 

After that spectacular sunset view, the boat continues to the Inca Inca beach because the white night party will continue there. What started as a tour on a boat is now a party on the beach with music, fire, and snacks! All that you expect in a Caribbean party in Santa Marta.

The list of activities continues growing…

The list of things to do in Santa Marta at night is growing over time. We will keep you updated so you can have all the tours and activities in Santa Marta for a perfect travel itinerary whenever you want to visit us.

Are you ready to embark on your next great adventure? If you need more information or have any questions, we are here to help. Feel free to contact us via WhatsApp or send us an email at [email protected]m.

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