Nature excursion

Minca Natural Excursion

  • horario 1 day
  • visita Guided tour
  • transporte Transport


  • bienestar Partial Guidance
  • bienestar Coffee growing
  • bienestar Coffee tour
  • bienestar Ecotourism workshops


Minca is a small coffee town located in the lower part of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta covered with countless privileges from its climate, wildlife and flora to some of the most spectacular views for its beautiful sunrises and sunsets, here, you can perform different activities for a short period of time thanks to its fortunate location that allows you to return to the city in an easy and quick way if you do not want to spend the entire night over there. This town surrounded by abundant nature will permit you to see the most exotic, hilarious and representative birds of the region, tasting one of the most delicious, healthy and preferred beverages by experts; with no doubt, the Sierra Nevada Coffee. On the other hand, for adrenaline lovers this place is one of the most popular destinations for extreme sports and challenge yourself one more time. What are you waiting for to collect a new adventure for your life? Finally, you can't leave this outstanding place without taking a dip and letting the water wash all your worries away. With this wonderful tour you can discover the reason why the coffee of the Sierra Nevada is the favorite of experts, clearing your mind of worries and reestablishing your life with a swim in these wells, connecting with nature while you enjoy tasting cocoa and chocolate.
  • Time departure: 8:45 a.m

    At the beginning of the tour, we start with the transportation route to the lodging where we will pick up all the passengers, then we will take a 50 minute drive to Minca town. Over there we will be met by the professional tour guides and receive a welcome talk.

    After the talk, we will take a one (1) hour ecological trekking discovering outstandings environments of the village (residential area, spa area and restaurant area) until we arrive at a local farm where we will learn all about coffee production and coffee plantations and other types of coffee.
    At that point we’ll be hiking for 40 minutes to a natural pool where we can take a dip, swim and enjoy nature for an hour. After enjoying a delicious bath we will hike back along the ecological trail for 45 minutes until we reach our destination where we will have lunch.

    Once lunchtime is over, we will go on a cultural tour where we will discover the specialties and use of bamboo for bio-construction and biodiversity of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. In addition to that, there will be a tasting of cocoa and chocolate. Finally we came back to Santa Marta for 50 minutes until our lodging.

    Return time: 5:00 p.m.

  • Professional tour Guide
    Entrances fees
    Ground transportation
    Travel insurance

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    Services not specified

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  • - Los niños pagan tarifa completa.

    - Se tendrá un máximo de 24 horas para cancelar el servicio y solo se aplicarán recargos bancarios y administrativos.

    - En caso de reagendamiento se debe consultar la disponibilidad para modificar la fecha de reserva con un mínimo de 24 horas de antelación a la prestación del servicio, la cual estará sujeta a la cantidad de cupos habilitados en las fechas requeridas. Visit Santa Marta se reserva el derecho a reconocer motivos de fuerza mayor.

    - Una vez que se haya solicitado reagendar el servicio y este decida cancelarlo en un tiempo menor 24 horas antes de la prestación del servicio, se aplicará un cobro del 100 % del valor contratado.

    - Se considera No Show cuando después de contratar un servicio los participantes no asisten a adquirirlo, y no se efectúa una cancelación con 15 días de antelación, de forma que se cobra el 100 % del valor del servicio.

    - Si se hace una cancelación a menos de 24 horas de la prestación del mismo, se cobrará una penalidad equivalente al 30 % del valor del servicio.

  • It is mandatory to use masks or face masks.
    Remember to use alcohol at all times.
    It is essential to keep a physical distance.
    If you have dietary restrictions, be sure to notify us when you make your reservation.
    If you have any special medical condition or allergies, please let us know at the moment that you make your reservation.
    it is not advisable to carry a valuable object
    During the whole trip, you must always take into account the indications given by the guide.
    You are responsible for your personal belongings. Please take care of them.
    What should you bring?
    Beach clothes
    Personal Documents
    insect repellent
    Comfy clothes
    Comfortable shoes

  • Price per person $240.000 COP
  • Total $240.000 COP
  • VAT exemption
  • * Foreigners exempt from taxes
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